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Why Do We Struggle Against the Very Nature of Things?

“To attempt to change circumstances before I change the imaginal activity is to struggle against the very nature of things. I can’t do it because my imaginal activity is producing the objective reality. And I can’t change that object fact until I change what is causing it. And the cause is an unseen imaginal reality.”

~ Neville Goddard
Feel The Feeling Of The Wish Fulfilled

He goes on to say: 

Things that are now seen were made of things that do not appear.” ~ Hebrews

and to quote the bible saying: 

“Do you not realize that Jesus Christ is within you?”

He remarks upon how human beings vacillate between sleeping and waking. 

“They’re dreaming this dream of life. And they see the fruit of what they imagined and deny that their imagination produced it. So they go sound asleep again, back upon the negative state.”

He then admonishes those of us who would listen to him to do the following.

“But I’m asking you who come here to observe what you are doing in the course of … 16 hours. Observe what you are imagining. Stop imagining what you don’t wish to experience. Stop it in the midst of the emotion…a mental miscarriage if you break it without exploding the emotion.”

~ Neville Goddard from a lecture called FEEL THE FEELING OF THE WISH FULFILLED