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The Eternal Body of Man

Below is a portion of the lecture by Neville Goddard called The Feeling Of The Wish Fulfilled

The eternal body of man is the human imagination, and that is God Himself. And there is no other God.

Your own wonderful human imagination is God, is the God of scripture, the only God. In the old testament you call him the Lord, or call him Jehovah, or call him Jesus, it is the same thing. This is the creative power in man. And the creative power in man is man’s own human imagination.

When you hear for the first time that your imagination is God, it’s an awful shock.

Because as the poet said, ‘Behold this vine. I’ve found it a wild tree whose wanton strength had swollen into irregular twigs. But I pruned the plant, and then it grew tempered, in its vain expense of useless leaves. And knotted as you see into these clean, full clusters, to repay the hand that wisely wounded it.’ So when you first find, that the vine spoken of in the bible, I am the vine of eternity. I am the true vine. And my father is the vine dresser. And you discover what that vine is my imagination. Well then the whole thing went into leaves, useless leaves and branches. It was not producing grapes.

And I start to prune the tree by observing what I’m imagining in the course of 24 hours. It becomes a habit. Then the next day, I do a little bit better. The third day, better still. By the end of a week, I’m in the habit now of watching what I’m imagining. And don’t wait. Instantly prune it. Stop it. Stop imagining, don’t indulge yourself.

I have heard people say, just one more second, it’s just such a pleasant thing to cut him off. And so in his mind’s eye he’s telling off someone, all in his imagination, knowing he’s going to reap the fruit of it. Now if you know that, you aren’t going to simply spend an extra 5 seconds of precious time in finishing that emotion. Stop that emotion, and get on a new trend. You prune the plant.

And finally that plant is going to reward you with clean full clusters because you wisely wounded it. And then you keep that vine going. And the vine will pay enormous dividends. I know from experience. When you go to bed at night, let your last thought be something noble, something wonderful, that you are now or those you love are now, what you would like to be, and drop off into the deep, in that state. And make it a habit. As we are told, you plant a seed. And then, the seed becomes an act and the act becomes a habit and the habit becomes a character. So if I seem to repeat myself, it’s because I have to.

Because if anyone here tonight could honestly tell me that in the course of 24 hours, they have observed what they were imagining and had not a thing to find fault with, well, I would like to hear that and I will not call you a liar because I’m not here to judge. But it would be a marvelous thing if you could tell me that. But I know that all of us are victims of habit. And we get into the habit of these internal conversations that are not pleasant. And we think that no one observes, no one sees.

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