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Overcome Being Hypnotized by What Is

“Not knowing that consciousness is ever outpicturing itself in conditions round about you, like Lot’s wife, you continually look back upon your problem and again become hypnotized by its seeming naturalness [Genesis 19].”

~ Neville Goddard from Your Faith Is Your Fortune

It’s seeming naturalness, as Neville is pointing out here, is because we have believed in “what is” for so long, we’re used to it. We’re invited to make a huge shift in our comprehension of the mechanics of life. Life experiences originate from within us.

If what we put within us is the reflection of “what is” already created, then we get more of the same. If what we put within us is the imagination of things new and wonderful, then those will outpicture in due course. It’s a mindset shift.

So like Lot’s wife, we turn around and look back, causing our minds to again be impregnated with the imprints of past conditions. And by the nature of the mechanics in life operating in us, those types of experiences that are a match to the imprints continue to repercuss. This continues until we have the fortitude and wherewithal to “not look back.” Instead, we keep our minds and hearts focused on the new things desired, and imprint our minds with that. This naturally causes feelings to arise. We see the pictures of these new desires in our mind’s eye, and feel the feelings of the wish fulfilled, as if it is real now. Then, we are fulfilling the Law that Neville so eloquently talked about, and that is found in scripture.

Genesis 19:26

But Lot’s wife looked back as she lingered behind him, and she became a pillar of salt.