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Assume A Higher Concept of Yourself

“To reach a higher level of being, you must assume a higher concept of yourself.” 

~ Neville Goddard

This quote from Neville helps us see that when we improve our self image, our circumstances will also improve. As within, so it is in the outer world. As above, so below. As the thoughts in our head are in the “above” realm, so the manifestation in the material world “below” will be.

Many times, we have conditioning that tells us, we “are” a certain way. It seems unchangeable. But Neville is reminding us here that when we change our mind about ourselves, our entire world will follow suit in due time.

This is the basis of our experience of “reality” which somehow, our culture forgot to remind us about, because it had also forgotten. Therefore, except in rare cases, even our parents and grandparents might not have known to impart this to us. I was lucky that my grandmother, Nana, used to tell me, “You can do whatever you want if you really want to do it.” She was a student of the late and wonderful Norman Vincent Peale, who was also a student of these type of legacy teachings. So I’m grateful to Nana to this day for putting those thoughts in me at a very young age. This helps the neural pathways to develop with “like” energy. As above, so below. As within, so it shows up outside in the world and in our lives.